We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

DSCN0025 DSCN0026 DSCN0028 (2)DSCN0033 DSCN0052 DSCN0054DSCN0047Mom and I did some more exploring today.  We went to Seal Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor and Bass Harbor.  Driving the winding roads, you see something new with every turn.  We found ourselves saying “wholly crap, look at that!” all day!  Every single time you come around a corner here, there is something that takes your breath away and you have no choice but to stop and snap a picture of it.  We spent the day driving, pulling over, getting out and taking a few pictures, then driving some more.   When we missed something, we would just turn around and go back.  I’m sure the permanent residents of Maine get pretty sick of out-of-towners driving like little old ladies out for a Sunday drive.  Luckily, the small villages all have REALLY low speed limits and everyone has to slow down behind you too.  Plus, the great state of Maine provides plenty of pull-offs, so you don’t end up getting ran over because you are compelled to jump out of your car because that view is AWESOME.

We have been really lucky with the weather, but unlucky in the WiFi department.  This campground is great, but their WiFi stinks and apparently you are not supposed to upload video or pictures because it takes up too much bandwidth!??? WHAT?  So, basically they keep shutting me down because I’m not following the rules.  But, hey, what is a blog about my trip if you can’t see the pictures?  So, I don’t know who “they” are, but I keep trying anyway.  I did manage to get a few of the pictures from today uploaded to my Facebook before they turned my connection off, but I haven’t been able to add pictures to my blog yet.  So, stay tuned!  I may have to go to the local McDonald’s, that has SMOKIN fast WiFi, and do it there.

Tomorrow will be our last day here in Bar Harbor.  I will miss it here and I can understand why people come here and why they would choose to live here.  There is no other place like it and I can just imagine waking up everyday in such a beautiful place.  I cannot imagine anyone would get sick of it, but then I’ve never had to experience a winter here.  The “locals” that I’ve talked to say that the winters are no trouble for them because the road crews are pretty great.  The state probably has a pretty big budget for snow removal…unlike Indiana that has to share a teaspoon of sand and one snow plow.

Bonus for today….we have TV!   Yes, TV!  So Happy right now!  Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Happy Trails.


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