Happiest place on earth?

We decided to get out of the Tokoma State Park and move on over to the Fort Wilderness Campground early.  The park was scary and they really should not allow RV’s that are the size of mine in the park.  Driving to our campsite was one of those “thread the needle” experiences and the sand road kept getting narrower and narrower.  By the time the road was just wide enough for me to squeeze thru, I reached the campsite.  Since the road is so narrow, it was not an easy task to back into the site without taking out a shrub.  Fortunately, it didn’t do any damage to my camper!  But, it became clear to me, why the park ranger looked at me funny and said “Have you ever been here before?”  I thought it was just a random question that he asked everyone, but the look on his face made the meaning change to “Are you seriously going to try to get into one of these campsites?”  During my research for campsites I specifically called this park to ask if they had any height/length restrictions and was told “no”……Maybe they need to think about that and tell people “No, BUT….”

So, off we went to Fort Wilderness!   The drive was short….the kind I prefer, and this campground is pretty much what you’d expect from Walt.   The park has 1788 campsites and 408 cabins!  Wholly smoke!  We were greeting with “Howdy!” and asked if we needed any help backing into our site.  Due to the recent Tomoka State Park incident…I said “Yes!”.   One of the employee’s actually came and parked my camper for me!  How nice is that?  All sites are paved and have a small sandy area behind them with a picnic table and grill.  There are recycle stations in front of your campsite and the post with your campsite number has a plug for your golf cart.  (And I thought the Hilton Head RV resort was nice!).  We parked and set up and then headed up to get our golf cart….yes, it is necessary to get around, I did not just get one because I am lazy, this campground is massive.

We decided to just visit the Walt Disney World park this time because mom really wants to see the “Harry Potter” stuff at the Universal Studios.    We had a perfectly beautiful day for our visit. A boat takes you from the campground to the park entrance which was great not to have to worry about parking.  And the park has changed the rules so that everyone gets four “fast passes” for the rides for free!  Last year when mom and I came to one of the Disney parks, you had to purchase a fast pass and we didn’t because we didn’t know if it was worth it.  The day SUCKED, because we were in line most of the day and I think we only got to ride two things..  So, it was nice to get to jump the line at 4 of the rides this time and we actually got there early enough to ride other things that we didn’t have to wait too long for.  I don’t care how old you get, it’s still exciting.  I still love the Haunted Mansion, the Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean.  And when you are too pooped to walk anymore, The Carousel Of Progress is a good place to rest.

I still believe that they need to have an “adults only” day though, not because of the kids really, but because of the number of gigantic strollers that the parents bring to the park.  Some of those strollers are the size of small cars. When my sisters and I were little, our family did not even own a stroller.  Mom said that if you were too tired to walk, then you needed to go home and go to bed!  It certainly does open your eyes to how spoiled kids are these days.   There were very few people with children, that we saw, that did not have a stroller and the size of these kids in those strollers was pretty astonishing.  I would swear that I saw a kid that looked like he was a teenager riding in one.  And then the ultimate in spoiled brats rolled by:  In a stroller, IN DISNEY WORLD, with an iPhone in her hand playing a game!  WHAT?  You are in Disney and you are SO bored that you have to play a game on an IPhone?  Good LORD!  I must say that we also saw some really well-behaved kids too, but they were usually with people who I assume were their grandparents. Those were the kids that were actually walking on their own and actually seemed engaged in what was going on around them.

Here are my recommendations:  Go early.  Make a reservation for lunch or dinner at one of the full service restaurants …because you will not be able to get one on the day you go and because you will be tired and it will be nice to sit down and relax for a bit before heading back out there!  Take the train at the front of the park to the back of the park and work your way forward.  You will beat the crowd back there and get in line faster.  Choose your “fast passes” wisely.  If they are too close together, you do not have time to wander.   Make them for later in the day.  By the end of the day, it was nice not to have to wait in line anymore and you will be  tired and  who wants to wait in line when they are tired

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