Turning 50 and thankful.

01a9d287640be9bbe296b3c5b12df64cabd30017aeYesterday was my 50th birthday. Does that make me old now?  Because I certainly don’t feel any older and I definitely don’t feel any wiser.   We decided to do something special, so we booked a hotel in Miami Beach and drove up for the night.  We stayed at a really cute little hotel right on the beach called The Beacon.


It was just what we needed.  Hotel, night out, Mojito’s and king crab legs.

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What more could you ask for, for the big 5 0?  Well, not much. But, here are a few things that we saw in Miami Beach that everyone could use:

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Seriously though, do women actually wear these things? All I can think about is how painful it would be.  Maybe I am getting old.

I was going to say something philosophical about turning 50.  But, I remembered something a very wise woman once said  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  So, I’ll just leave you with one piece of wisdom that I think I’ve finally accepted.  Life is too short to waste on things or people who SUCK!  See, isn’t that profound?



Today is Thanksgiving! So a BIG Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  We’ve been feeling homesick and I think holidays make it harder to be away.   Our family never spends holidays apart and this was not an easy day.  Fortunately, we will be together for Christmas, so I think we will survive.   I always thought that the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” was bullshit, but maybe there is something to it after all.  Or maybe it just applies to your family.  No matter how crazy they drive you when you are around each other, you still miss them when they are away.   Although I do really miss pumpkin pie right now too.  Okay, so it applies to family and pie.   Can someone send me a piece of pumpkin pie?  Anyone?

To all of my family and friends, I am thankful for all of you.  I’m serious.

Happy Trails.



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